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All of us dread that temperature needle going up and steam coming out of our bonnet while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Shahrah-e-Faisal during rush hour. It is difficult to predict when your car is going to fail you without regular checkups. To ensure your vehicle is always in tip-top shape, you can conveniently schedule regular checkups from the comfort of your home. This has the potential to save you thousands in repair and rebuild jobs.

Save your time

Scheduling regular checkups for your car can identify any issues before they result in a breakdown. It is considerably more time and cost-saving to perform preventive maintenance than it is to do breakdown repairs. Regular maintenance costs a consumer lower than what a major car repair would cost. Break downs have a toll on your schedule when they happen as well as add a task on your weekend. By having a mechanic come to your home and providing you with a health report, you can forecast and schedule any repairs required in your car. If a car does not have a regular maintenance plan then the cost for repairing over a year can span anywhere between Rs 7500 to Rs 80000. Regular maintenance can cost somewhere between Rs 13000 to Rs 18000 depending on the vehicle.

Impact on the fuel efficiency

In addition to saving you time and money on breakdowns, regular checks, and tune-ups, also substantially improve the quality of your drive, as well as provide savings in fuel expenditure. Regular maintenance can increase the mileage of a car by about 4% to 40%; with the price of petrol soaring at Rs.120 per liter, this can have a big impact on your fuel expense.

Impact on car’s resale value

Regular maintenance can also help maintain the car’s resale value. People interested in buying second-hand vehicles are keen to get a car that has been maintained by the owner. A scheduled maintenance plan can add a layer of trust between the parties involved and the seller often gets a fairer price.

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