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How to Distinguish between Genuine & Fake Auto Parts?

One of the biggest problem faced by the car owners is that they are charged for the genuine parts but get fake spare parts for their vehicle. After a thorough research and knowledge, OkayKer decided to give a brief detail and steps to differentiate between Genuine & Fake Auto Parts of cars.

1. Packaging

The very first thing which you should always be focusing on is the packaging of the product you are buying. The genuine spare parts are packed in high-quality packaging and shipped with care, whereas if we talk about the fake parts, they are packed in cheap & flimsy way.

Difference in Packaging of Genuine and Counterfeit Products

2. Typing Errors & Mistakes

When purchasing any product, whether it be a spare part or any cosmetic product. The best way to check whether it is a counterfeit product or a genuine one, go through the description, details & instruction printed on the packaging of that particular product.

This is the case in every product, sometimes we might also witness few problems in the design or writing of logo or the company name which indicates that the product is not original and a counterfeit one.

Genuine logo of Toyota vs. Fake logo of Toyota spotted on counterfeit products.

3. Incomplete Instructions

Whenever we purchase a spare part, there will be a manual inside the packaging with diagrams illustration of how it will work and be changed in the vehicle along with instructions and details. The fake auto parts usually do not have this and even if they do, the instructions will be incomplete or will make no sense at all. So while purchasing, make sure the instruction is making sense and is valid for the product you are buying and not of any other product.

Original Toyota Instructions
Counterfeit Toyota printing and instructions

4. Mismatched Parts

A genuine fitting of any product is the most accurate, whereas if you purchase any fake part and try to put it in the right place, the fitting will not be as accurate as the original ones. Not only this, but the color difference, weight and dimensions can be seen in the fake parts.

Perfect fitting example of a car

5. Cheaper Price

Genuine spare parts are more expensive because they are of the best quality compared to the fake auto parts. Because original and genuine parts mostly have a warranty as well, that is the reason they are expensive whereas if we talk about the fake spare parts, they usually way cheaper than the genuine one and do not have warranty.

Genuine parts will always be expensive due to high quality and better result of that product

It is preferable to maintain your vehicle regularly and check whether the parts being installed and used in your vehicle are genuine and high quality as it effects the overall performance of the vehicle. Fake parts will always have a negative impact on your vehicle and might damage other parts as well and the drive will not be the same.

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