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Maintaining Cars in the Heat

Car heating can damage the car engine, battery, exterior, and interior. Overheating can also cause car efficiency to suffer. A car can heat up due to various reasons, like hot weather, poor cooling system, poor AC performance, etc. Moreover, worn-out car parts can also increase car heat. However, to resolve the issue of car heating, timely maintenance and service can be extremely helpful.

Wondering how to fix an overheating car? Here are a few tricks that can help keep your car stay moderately cool and safe in the scorching heat in the summers.

Internal Temperature

Sunshine not only heats up the car interior and seats but also makes the paint of the exterior faint, and its shine to decrease. In addition it also puts engine and gauges at high risk. You can prevent this by using sunshades on windows, leaving windows open just a crack, and parking in shade.

This keeps the car interior cool as well as keeps the internal gauges and sensors functioning properly. In addition, if the engine is not kept cool, it might lead to the car heating up, especially older vehicles, and the radiator will have to work extra hard to cool the engine down once the car is started.

Before driving the vehicle start the car and turn the blower on full to pass all the hot air out of the car, and also wait for the engine temperature light to switch off.

Air Conditioner Service

There is nothing worse than getting in a car without a properly functioning AC during Karachi summers. In order to save yourself from this ordeal make sure your car’s AC is properly functioning . You can call a mechanic at home to change the AC filter, check if the condenser, evaporator, and cooling coil are properly functioning, and whether the gas pressure is full. This will keep your commute and relaxing.

Engine Temperature

Keep an eye on the engine temperature to ensure that it is not heating up. For older vehicles check the water in the radiator before each start up to ensure that it is not empty. This can indicate leakages and an empty radiator can result in heating up. Get radiator flush or coolant flush; drain the old coolant by flush fluid and add new coolant. Expert Mechanics suggest flushing the radiator every 40,000 miles. A car heating up can result in gasket leakage and mixing of oil and radiator water which will cause the car to seize up. In the case you notice water accumulating under your parked car make sure to contact reliable car repair service in Karachi as it may mean there is a leak in your radiator.

Check battery health

Battery health deteriorates in high temperatures, and the sweltering heat will turn the inside of your bonnet into an oven taking the temperatures upto 70–80 degrees. Make sure to keep battery fluid in check and call a mechanic in case the start up is not immediate.

Maintain Appropriate Tyre Pressure

Do not over-inflate your tyre. Keep the pressure between 30 and 35 PSI. In summers, due to the expansion of air in the tyres, the pressure may increase, resulting in tires bursting.

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