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Signs and Symptoms Your Car Requires A Visit From Mechanic

Make sure to address the below indications to make sure you are not blindsided by a hefty repair bill.

Low Milage

Pay attention on what mileage your vehicle gives per liter of fuel. For example a Honda City goes between 12–14 km per liter of petrol. If the fuel average falls drastically below this range then the vehicle may require maintenance. Maintenance (Oil Change, Filters Change, spark plug cleaning) and Tuning (Tappet adjustment, electronic tuning) and catalytic converter cleaning can fix these problems.

Keep a track of the fuel efficiency of your car

Engine Indicator

You should never ignore the Check engine light in your car. Take it to a mechanic to identify and address the problem. Your vehicle will be scanned using a specialized tool which will provide you details on what is malfunctioning. You can book a mechanic online who will visit your car and scan the vehicle allowing them to address the problem directly.

These signs indicate your vehicle has malfunctioning components

Unusual Noises

Different noises mean that there is a problem with a different part of the car. A ticking sound means that you need to change your oil. Squealing or grinding brakes mean that the brake pads are worn out. A squeaking sound often means that there is water or sand in the brakes. A clunking sound could mean that the shock absorbers are outdated, causing issues in handling and steering. Ticking sound from the wheels during turning can mean that the axles may need repair or replacement. Noise during gear shifting may mean that clutch or pressure plate is damaged and may require replacement. Noisy engine sounds can mean that tappet adjustment is required or that the silencer is damaged. Rattling can indicate something is loose in the engine. The best mechanics in Karachi will be able to assess the sound and diagnose accurately how to repair the vehicle.

Unusual Smells

If you smell something unusual, it is a clear indicator that there is something wrong. A burning smell, especially, is a sign of a serious problem and can indicate wiring shorting, or brakes not properly functioning, or low lubrication. Smell of maple syrup indicates that AC refrigerant is leaking. You can book a mechanic online to assess and pin point the exact reason for the smells and quote appropriate repairs.

Leaking Trail of Fluid and Smoking

Try to see if there is any fluid leakage when you park your car. The oils in the car are extremely essential for proper functioning of the engine and if you sense anything unusual, seek professional help immediately. Depending on where there is leakage there can result in malfunctioning engine, brake, and transmission

Smoke from the bonnet can mean oil leaking into engine or spark plugs and being burnt resulting in thick smoke. Smoke from the silencer can also mean burning lubricants. Smoke with a burning rubber smell can mean wiring being burnt in the bonnet, or brake malfunction depending on location. An online mechanic service can asses the damage and provide you with a quote for the job required.

Smoking engine or trailing oil can indicate serious problems in your vehicle


If you feel that your car is pulling to one side when you intend to go straight, there is an issue with the alignment of the tires. Seek professional help immediately since this can lead to tire damage, whose replacement costs tons.

Misaligned wheels can result in vehicle drifting as well as wear and tear on tires


Unexpected shakes can indicate problems in your engine, transmission, and brakes depending on when those shakes occur.

A car shaking on idle can indicate problems with your engine and can be fixed by proper tuning of the vehicle. Shaking at higher speeds could mean that the engine has become old and weak due to wear and tear, and carbon deposits. Similarly shaking at lower speeds or during changing of gears can indicate weak clutch and/or pressure plate. Finally, car shaking during braking can mean that brake pads need to be replaced. It can also indicate that the engine foundations are wearing and they might need a replacement as well. In the case of vibration or idle shaking, it is best to have it diagnosed from a mechanic. You can also look up for online repair services in Karachi, and a mechanic can diagnose the car at your time, place and covenience.

Frail Start

Whether you have a sports car or a normal one, it must have a strong and crisp start. The engine must start immediately after you turn the key. If you notice any sort of delay or any unusual sound when you start your car, it may mean a weak battery or problem in the “self”

Tire Damage

Improper inflation, punctures, and cracks in your car can be a clear sign to replace your tires. If the depth of the tread is not optimum, the car will be very unsafe in wet conditions.

For this, checking the depth of the tire and making sure that it is close to the optimum level is essential. Beyond 2/32″ level, it is your legal requirement to get the tires changed. here are many ways to check the depth of the tread, coin test being the most simple one. Conduct the coin test by inserting a 2 rupee coin into the grooves of the tire. If it gets halfway into the grooves, your tire is in the perfect condition. However, if only 30 percent of the coin goes inside, the condition is cautious and if only 20 percent of the penny goes in, you must replace the tires.

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